Storage Units

We offer the following units for your convenience
Closet units

Small Closet:  5 X 5 (25 Sq. Ft.)

Ideal for personal items, small boxes, and files.

Walk-in Closet:  5 X 10  (50 Sq. Ft)

Ideal for mattresses, small furniture such as desks, boxes and yard equipment.

Room units

Small Room:  10 X 10 (100 Sq. Ft.)

Ideal for 1 or 2 bedroom apartment furnishings including some appliances.

Large Room:  10 X 15 (150 Sq. Ft)

Ideal for small home or apartment furnishings, appliances or business inventories.

Garage/Warehouse Units

Single Car Garage:  10 X 25  (250 Sq. Ft.)

Ideal for 3 bedroom furnishings, appliances, boxes, car, truck or business inventory..

Small warehouse:  10 X 30  (300 Sq. Ft.)

Ideal for all of the above listed items.

Large warehouse: 20 X20  (400 Sq. Ft.)

Ideal for large storage such as cars, trucks, large houses, 2 small houses or office/service/maintenance for small business..

**Available with extra lighting and outlets**


No lock?  No problem!!  We will loan you a premium quality disc lock at no charge